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Let's Meet

How to Book

  • Step 1: Read through the Essential Reading's

  • Step 2: Choose our Encounter

  • Step 3: Choose our booking length 

  • Step 4: Choose the date & time we'll meet

  • Step 5: Choose the location we'll meet

  • Step 6: Contact me x

Contact Me

You may contact me via text, email, or through the contact form.  Please include your;

  • Name:

  • Location:

  • Type of encounter:

  • Preferred length of encounter:

  • Requested date & time:

  • Where you found me:

You may like to write something like...

"Hi Ashleigh. My name is [name]. I found you on [website] I would like to meet you [date, time & location] for [type & length of encounter]. Looking forward to meeting you x"

(+61)412 192 155

Contact Me

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