Essential Readings

The following information is not designed to keep you out, but to comfortably let you in and ensure we get along pleasantly. I appreciate you taking the time to read and agree to the terms outlined on this page before contacting me.


Talk dirty to me! I find consent and good communication very sexy. I’m typically willing to accommodate most requests but you must ask me first. I promise I will respond non-judgementally, even if I’m not comfortable fulfilling your request.


I find nothing more appealing than a well-groomed gentleman. I have clean linens and luxurious hygiene products available at my incall, and bathing is expected before and welcomed throughout our time together.


I regularly attend medical check-ups for my sexual health, and I expect you to do the same. Sexual health screenings are recommended every 3 months for those who are sexually active, even if asymptomatic. I cannot tell the difference between a rash or bump that may be contagious or not. If you present with a possible transmissible infection, an alternative service will be offered but you are not entitled to a discount or refund. I encourage you to discuss any health concerns with me before making a booking to avoid dilemmas.


Time is our most precious resource. Please respect my time by keeping messages succinct and keep socialising for our dates unless you’re prepared to compensate me for Social Bunny rates. Please be punctual for our dates and let me know if you’re running late.



Is a non-negotiable and required for all new clients to ensure trust and my safety. A booking cannot be put into my calendar before this is completed.

I require either;

  • Two references from reputable providers you have seen in the past 12 months, or

  • A photo of a government issued ID sent to me via Email or text message (with only full name & photo showing, please black out the rest of the info), or

  • An email from a verifiable business email account or LinkedIn, or

  • A deposit made via online transfer,

  • Outcalls also require proof of room booking with matching name & a deposit.


Privacy and discretion are just as important to me as I’m sure it is to you. I operate my business and store your information on secure devices which only I can access. My professional reputation has nothing to gain by misusing your information. I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement should you require one.


I will never peer into your private life and I ask you to give me the same courtesy. If we spot each other in public, I expect we simply ignore each other. If we meet through work or friends, I expect we act as though we’ve never met before.


Under no circumstances are you allowed to film or photograph me, my residence, or my belongings. I reserve the right to inspect or ask you to remove any devices that may be used for recording. Do not share any of my information with others. Never show up at my incall uninvited and doing so is considered stalking / harassment in my eyes.

In the instance you have harmed me in some way, this privacy policy or any non-disclosure agreement is void and your personal information may be passed onto the authorities. Instances in which this policy may be void include, but are not limited to; refusing, reversing, or making fraudulent payments, breaches of consent (including performing acts not consented to, filming me, or groping me whilst sleeping), causing physical, emotional, or psychological harm (including violence, stalking, and harassment).



I accept;

  • Cash

I only accept cash at the time our booking commences. Please provide the full amount owing upon first meeting and discreetly if in public. You may place this into an envelope, card, book or giftbag for discretion. Kindly allow time for me to check this for legitimacy.  

  • Beemit

If you have a Commonwealth, NAB, or Westpac Bank account, this service takes minutes to sign up at Then simply transfer your payment to @AshleighAmour

  • Commonwealth bank SMART ATM Deposit

You can deposit cash into a Commonwealth Bank Smart ATM, and it is completely anonymous. Contact me for details.

  • Internet and bank transfer

Commonwealth Bank: transfers are instant and can be used for last minute bookings

All other bank transfers must account for transfer wait times (up to 5 working days). Contact me for transfer details.

  • Gift Cards

Are my least preferred option, but I’m happy to accept if no other option above is suitable.


​All tour bookings, outcall services, bookings over 2 hours, and bookings requiring extra elements from me require a non-refundable deposit of 25%-50% (at my discretion) as these bookings generally require more planning and expense on my part, therefore I require a commitment from you before I’m comfortable going to these extra lengths to prepare for these date. Fly Me To You bookings require 100% of the travel and accommodation fees + 50% of the booking fee deposited before travel plans can be arranged.


If you need to cancel on a booking together, please let me know with as much notice as possible.

Non-deposited bookings: if you must cancel or reschedule your booking within 24 hours of the booking time, a $100 cancellation fee is due immediately for us to remain on good standing.

Deposited bookings: if you must cancel on a deposited booking, your deposit is non-refundable. However, it can be applied to a future engagement within 60 days conditional of the date's full fee being paid at the time of cancellation (excludes nonrecoverable expenses and tour bookings). Recurrent cancellations will terminate our relationship.

Should I ever need to cancel (emergencies only), I will promptly return your deposit in full or apply it to a future appointment.


On the rare occasion I need to cancel our meeting (emergencies only), your deposit will be promptly refunded to you or applied to a future date. Any other refunds are made at my discretion only. You will not be refunded if I cancel our booking due to signs of transmissible illness or behaviour of yours which makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

I know that was a bit of reading and I thank you so much for making it all the way through… So where to next?