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Gifts are in no way expected but are always greatly appreciated.

I enjoy pleasant surprises if you have something special in mind, but I have comprised a list with a few ideas below. 

I love hand-written notes, coffee, flowers, potted plants, crystals, simple sterling silver/rose gold/crystal jewellery, beautiful lingerie, spa days, and travel adventures. I also welcome Beemit transfers (to @AshleighAmour) for coffee's, day's out, spa treatments, etc.

My favourites;

Colours: are rose tones (pink, red), & earth tones (tan, beige, sage green).

Scents: are floral and sandlewood.

Flowers: are Australian Natives and Lillies

Frangrance: is L'occitane's 'Orchidee', 'Beautiful' by Estee Lauder, and 'Cherry Smoke' by Tom Ford. 

Cuisines: are Asian, Italian, French & Greek.

Books: on psychology, spirituality, and sexuality.

Lingerie: from Dita Von Teese, Playful Promises, and City Chic

Clothing: from Forever New, St Frock, Portmans, City Chic, Just Jeans

Note: please always check the size measurements when buying lingerie/clothing first, as plus size clothing varies widly. My measurements are currently 48" Bust, 40" waist, and 50" hips, which is usually a size 18-22. Please size up if my measurements are the middle, as I prefer loose over tight fits, and I can get the item tailored if need be. Alternatively, you can send me a giftcard with a screen shot of item so I can purchase the correct sizing.

I have a Wishtender list here with more ideas and payment options

You're welcome to bring something along to our date, email with a giftcard, or send funds & I'll arrange purchase.

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