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Wish List

Gifts are in no way expected but are always greatly appreciated. If you feel inclined to treat me, I enjoy pleasant surprises if you have something special in mind, otherwise

I also love; hand-written notes, poems, coffee, flowers, potted plants, crystals, bourbon, red wine, simple sterling silver / crystal jewellery, spa days, and travel adventures.


My favourite;

Colours: are rose tones (pink, red), & earth tones.

Scents: are floral and sandlewood,

Flowers: are Australian Natives,

Frangrance: is L'occitane's 'Orchidee',

Cuisines: are Asian, Italian, French & Greek

Books: are psychology, spirituality, and sexuality

You're welcome to bring something along to our date, email, send funds & I'll arrange purchase, or have it delivered to my Postal Box:

P.O. Box 3254 Loganholme, 4129.

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