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Amour • əˈmʊə • æmʊə: A love affair or lover, especially one that is kept secret

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Ashleigh, a woman who combines sensuality with sophistication. Often described as free-spirited, I live my life authentically, independently, and uninhibited by conventional constraints. In my opinion, the most important thing is to have real connections and share an exploration of the senses. Whether for a few moments or many more, I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery and hedonistic indulgences.

It's no secret that I am more than a handful to devour and adore, but you’ll soon discover I’m an affectionate, playful and rather cheeky seductress. It is my nature to be sensual and submissive, but I am comfortable switching when given clear instructions. It is satisfying for me to share mutual pleasure, deep conversation, hours in another's arms, and exploring risqué encounters. It is my sincere desire to help you achieve your dreams and I am willing to explore most of what you are dreaming of.


My personality is down to earth; I love to laugh, fool around, and don't take myself (or you) too seriously. You’ll find my manner sweet, bubbly, and attentive. A beauty with brains; my academic background and worldly sense of culture combine to make me an excellent conversationalist, dinner date, and travel companion. Besides my solid understanding of the social sciences, I have a keen interest in cuisine, spirituality, permaculture, home improvement, photography, creative endeavors, exploring the world around me and the flora and fauna that inhabit it. I would also love to hear about your latest obsession if you are willing to share it with me; I am always eager to learn new things! Possibly while cooking a meal together, exploring a museum, or pondering the mysteries of the universe?

Whether you want a quiet evening in, a night out on the town, an exotic adventure, or a passionate rendezvous, I'm the sweet escape you'll wish you didn't have to leave.

Until we meet,

Ashleigh xx


A bit more about me

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