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Ben, January 2024

I have been seeing Ashleigh very regularly since my last review 9 months ago. My time with her has expanded my sexuality in ways I never thought possible through the chemistry we share, her keen awareness of my desires, her taunting texts between bookings, and the various role-plays and kinks we have explored together. There is nothing mundane about this woman and I cannot get enough. Thank you so much Ashleigh!

G, December 2023

Ashleigh is a rare gem that absolutely captivated me. Her elegance and grace are matched only by her intelligence and wit. She exudes confidence and poise, making her a truely impressive companion.
Her beauty is not just skin deep, but radiates from within, making her a truly remarkable individual.

Ryan, August 2023

Wow! I had an absolutely incredible night out with the most stunning woman! We laughed, danced, and talked for hours on end. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever!

James, July 2023

A truly fabulous night spent with Ashleigh - A girlfriend experience like no other; passionate, fun, hot and steamy we switched between laughter and lovemaking for 90minutes and wished it could have been all night… heavenly curves and the most magnificent breasts… oh and did I mention she’s gorgeous and looks at you with such passion in her eyes whilst sending you to paradise! Wow, wow, wow….

Ben, April 2023

When I first laid eyes on Ashleigh at our dinner date, my first thought was how much more beautiful she is than I had imagined from her photos (since she blurs her face, understandably). I soon discovered she immediately put my nerves at ease and how it felt like catching up with an old lover rather than a hired companion. Talking with her quickly demonstrated her intelligence and quickly filled our time together. When she led me to the bedroom, she did so in a way that wasn't obvious and had me eager to follow. There certainly wasn't a dull moment during our entire night together.
I will be back, thank you.

Raj, October 2022

If you're looking for someone who can provide intense chemistry, look no further! Ashleigh is exquisite at building a connection that sizzles with excitement and passion. Her ability to read body language and respond with just the right touch is truly impressive. Not only is she incredibly sexy, but she is an excellent communicator, emotionally intelligent, and is always focused on me in bookings. It is clear that she has a strong desire to please and prioritise my needs and desires beyond the bedroom. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to take their sexuality and intimacy to the next level.

G, April 2022

What a wonderful evening with such a beautiful and kind person. I'll be back sooner rather than later... 

Sam, September, 2021

An incredible night together and I cannot thank her enough... WOW! The absolute highlight of my Brisbane trip and such fun company - I hope we can do it again soon! So accomodating, fabulous, and hot as hell!

Chris, April 2020

My encounter with Ashleigh was beyond wonderful. 'Devine' doesn't even begin to describe the experience. Above all else that you would expect from meeting a lady like Ashleigh, her company was amazing. 

Dan, February 2020

I have been wanting to see Ashleigh for over a year but have been to afraid and nervous, I finally took the plunge and contacted her and organising a time was easy, I was excited but had to wait 2 days.

The big day finally arrived and after building it up in my head for days I was not disappointed, from the moment Ashleigh opened the door and I sore her cute,sexy smile I knew I had made a good choice, she was stunning in her black and red flower dress and very beautiful.

We sat down and had a little chat, I told her I was very nervous and in no time she made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ashleigh is just a delight to talk to and has the most amazing eyes that just pierced my soul. Her skin is very smooth and soft with a body build for pleasure.

I would recommend anyone who wants a true GFE from a stunningly beautiful young lady to contact Ashleigh and you won’t be disappointed you will have a memory that will last a life time.

Peter, August 2019

I've been seeing Ashleigh regularly over the past six months, and there's a reason I keep coming back! Ashleigh is one of the most delightful ladies I've ever had the pleasure of spending intimate time with, and our chemistry together is simply off the charts.
Every time she greets me at the door with her sparkling eyes and a sexy piece that accentuates her amazing curves, I know I'm in for the time of my life. She instantly radiates warm and relaxed vibes, laying to rest any feelings of unease or nervousness.
Ashleigh is intelligent, currently finishing her university education, and effortlessly hold a conversation across a broad range of topics with wit and a knowing sense of humour. Our intimate time together is impossible to describe in mere words, but Ashleigh is a woman who loves what she does, and seeks to ensure that mutual pleasure is guaranteed. Again, there's a reason I keep coming back, and hope to continue Ashleigh for long into the future.

Thank you beautiful xx

Guy, December 2019

Ashleigh demonstrates pure class and professionalism. She made me feel at ease and was keen to please my desires.
She never once rushed me and was glad to have a discussion afterwards which was not what I expected and a pleasant surprise.
Will gladly choose her again next time.

P.S, December 2019

There is nothing like going out to dinner with this gorgeous girl, to make a man feel alive. Ashleigh is the ultimate dinner date. Gorgeous, intelligent, funny, fun loving, and witty. I love being with her

Tundra HMK, November 2019 

I saw Ashleigh on Twitter and I was immediately blown away by her stunning beauty I didn't even check her rates before messaging her I just had to contact her and after months of trying to work out an appointment my dream of meeting her finally took place and it was more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. I will have to bring Ashleigh to Wellington because once is not enough. A truly amazing woman who even laughed at my dumb jokes

Peter, November 2019

I took Ashleigh out to dinner, we had a great time, varied conversation, gorgeous company.. and fine food and drink. Then a night of total bliss with the most beautiful girl that a guy could wish to date... :) Hurry back to Brissie gorgeous girl. xo

P.S, October 2019

An absolutely stunning, photogenic gorgeous girl. I can't wait to see her again.....and again... Not only a beautiful, voluptuous body, but a delight to be with for dinner and chat. She has a brilliant mind, and wide range of life's experiences. When I'm with her, she makes my life worth living. :) xoxo [ Now for the difficult part, choosing one of her fabulous photos...]

P.M, October 2019

W-e-l-l-l........ I just had THE best birthday a boy could wish for... :) A night of True Bliss... This gorgeous girl sure knows how to make a man feel like a real man... [A make a life long memory of mammories ] It was incredible, what more can I say... :)

Steven, October 2019

I recently had the pleasure of havin an overnight booking with the wonderful Ashleigh. A night that was filled with everything dinner cocktails laughs and the exploration of the most incredable body. Thankyou Ashleigh for the best evening and I look forward to next get together.

Jason, October 2019

I have just had an incredible night with the distractingly gorgeous Ashleigh. She had the most beautiful, tantalizing lingerie on. It was a memorable night.. :)

P.S, September 2019

Once again I had the pleasure of Ashleigh's company.. A little bit of roll playing goes a long way... Ashleigh played the part of airhostess [ with the mostest].. very well... We had an incredible "Flight."... I still have a big smile on my I vote that Ashleigh is the "Girlfriend of the Decade ... I can't wait to see her again, and again... :)

RY, September 2019

I met Ashley on Sep2019 and here is my David Letterman’s top 10 list that why she is great:
No. 10: Easy to access and quite place to visit
No. 9: Intelligent conversations before and after
No. 8: She screens and therefore you are safe
No. 7: Clean comfortable bed for the action
No. 6: What a pair of tits
No. 5: What a nice heart
No. 4: She makes you feel that she has a special connection with you.
No. 3: You do not have to rob a bank to be with her
No.2: Although you could not see in her SB profile, she has a beautiful face
No.1: She will make you cum!

Scott, September 2019

I have found this gorgeous girl to be extremely pleasant company. Dinner dates are like being with the most beautiful girlfriend a guy could imagine, and the evening spent with her is .........well... I can't even dream that good. THE most beautiful, sensual , sexy blonde babe I have ever met. [ I'm lost for words, but the smile will last a life time. ] :)

Liam, September 2019

Ashleigh is a very passionate lover and will leave you extremely satisfied

J, August 2019

Ashleigh is amazing, she was so nice and comforting. She honestly looks way better in person, which is crazy because her photos are amazing. Well worth it.

P.S, August 2019

In a word....WOW..... fantasies do come true... :) It will be a while until my smile disappears... :)
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